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Seminar on Law Topics

International TradeLEX 8185 Cr. 3 This seminar deals with the jurisprudence of the World Trade Organization and discusses current legal and policy issues in international trade. Starting in fall 2019, Stanford Law School introduced a new component of its 1L – Discussion Seminars program. These discussion seminars allow students to explore the real-world implications and implications of law and the values that underpin our legal system and others, as well as reflect on the nature of the legal profession, their professional identity as lawyers, and provocative issues in law. Designed to connect with the passions and interests that brought students to law school, the discussion seminars provide a guide to navigating a new landscape. Since professors and students get to know each other at a different level, the faculty can advise them on their legal study trip and possible postgraduate trajectories. Detroit Equity Action Lab: A Collaborative Study of Structural Racism SeminarLEX 8051 Cr. 3 This seminar introduces students to notions of structural racism as it affects the city of Detroit. Students will work with members of the Detroit Equity Action Lab (DEAL) and study racial justice in a variety of sectors, including civil rights, transportation, community development, health, education, and housing. Students develop an awareness of the role and limits of the law in combating structural racism.

In addition to examining the work of individual organizations, students will examine broader issues of racial justice and examine interventions that could change public policy and public awareness of structural racism. Notes: Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, basis. National Industrial Relations Act: Current ProblemsLEX 8271 Cr. 3 Prerequisite: LEX 7501 Labour Law The seminar will focus on legal issues pending before the Board of Directors and the courts. Students will replace the National Labour Relations Board and advise on critical labour law issues. Students read oral arguments in pending cases, discuss cases, vote on the decision, and draft majority and dissenting opinions. Each student is expected to write a majority opinion and a concurring or dissenting opinion. Class discussions focus on NLRB decision-making and judicial review of board decisions. Once Wayne State University Law School Council committees have issued their opinions, class discussion will focus on draft statements. The grade of the course depends on the participation in the class as well as the written work.

Students may choose to write articles based on the legal issues discussed by the class. Notes: Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, basis. If you haven`t found what you`re looking for, don`t worry. We have dozens of additional seminars scheduled and ten times more available in On-Demand Seminars. This course brings together external and internal lecturers to present work in progress on research related to law and economics or social law methodology. Each week, a different speaker comes to present his latest work. Participating students have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers, learn about the latest work and present their ideas. Participants will submit concept papers on the presented paper. Students who wish to take the course as a two-credit seminar may do so by submitting a research paper on a topic of their choice.

Registration is limited to 12 students; Preference will be given to students who enroll in the course as a seminar. Visit us for a very special offer from our legal seminar series. Antitrust and trade regulation: current issuesLEX 8001 Cr. 3 Prerequisites: LEX 7026 Antitrust or LEX 7128 Consumer Law or Trainer Consent Current antitrust and commercial issues such as distribution, exemptions, horizontal restraints, legislative reform, merger policy, pricing, and cross-border enforcement. Reports on the Clayton, Sherman, and Federal Trade Commission Acts, as well as potentially state and foreign laws and procedures. Notes: Meets experiential learning requirements as a simulation course. Students who choose this seminar to meet the upper-class writing requirement cannot use it to meet the experiential learning requirement. Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Sex, Sexuality and the Law in Contemporary U.S.A. LEX 8345 Cr. 3 This seminar provides a broad overview of how the law constructs human beings as sexual beings and regulates this being and his sexuality. The seminar has four main objectives: 1) to deepen the understanding of contemporary United States students.

Laws dealing with sex and sexuality, 2) understand some of the ways in which individuals and groups are influenced by these laws, 3) learn and apply aspects of critical legal theories in legal analysis, and 4) strengthen written and oral legal analysis and communication. The seminar takes place in the form of a workshop, where the contribution of the class constitutes an important part of the grade. Notes: Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, basis. Right of evidence: Advanced TopicsLEX 8081 Cr. 3 Prerequisites: LEX7266 Proof or Consent of the Professor In this seminar, students must write sessional papers and give lectures on current topics in the law of evidence. Each discussion seminar counts as a unit and is held four times during the fall term at lunch, either at a faculty member`s home or in a comfortable room on campus. These discussion seminars build on our high teacher-student relationship and will further strengthen our already vibrant sense of community and facilitate intellectual engagement and dialogue between students and faculty. Asia-Pacific Americans in the Civil Rights Movement LEX 8015 Cr. 3 This course was formerly known as Asian Pacific American History and the Law: Perspectives on APA Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs.

This course provides an overview of how federal and state laws have affected Asian Pacific American`s (APA) experience and presence in the United States, and covers a variety of civil rights cases and civil injustices against APAs. The course features lectures, films and guest speakers from the movement. The course covers the historical timeline of the APA, exclusion laws, alien laws, the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, affirmative action regarding PPAs, civil rights and racial hate crimes, racial profiling in the workplace, post-9/11 issues, immigration law reform, laws prohibiting sex selection against APAs, electoral trends and impacts of the APA, the Hawaiian sovereignist movement, and efforts for Birthright Citizenship. Seminar on International Environmental LawLEX 8141 Cr. 3 This seminar provides a differentiated and in-depth examination of international environmental law. Students will explore the use of treaties and other international mechanisms to address international environmental issues. Students are expected to conduct individual research and oral presentations to the class, keep abreast of reading, and participate in class discussions. The seminar may include additional student projects, including negotiation or design exercises. Ethics of Legal ExperienceLEX 8075 Cr.

3 This seminar will examine the psychological and ethical dimensions of law and legal practice with a primary focus on works of fiction and selected jurisprudence. Students will write weekly response documents. The seminar does not meet the writing requirements of high school. Notes: This course does not meet the high school writing requirement. Students may make arrangements with the instructor to write a thesis that meets the requirement. Energy Law: Current TopicsLEX8068 Cr. 3 This seminar offers an in-depth examination of a specific topic of regulating energy production or consumption. Topics will vary over time, but may include regulating fuel sources and emissions in the United States.

The transportation sector, the role of incentives and regulations in financing clean energy investments, and the impact of regulation on electric vehicle adoption. Students are responsible for a research paper and a presentation to the class. Legal History SeminarLEX 8386 Cr. 3 The history of law comprises two main disciplines (law and history) and a number of secondary disciplines (e.g., other branches of history; anthropology, literary criticism; Political science; Economy; and so on). We will spend a lot of time talking about the problems associated with these troubled marriages, especially the Union of Legal History, and the migration of historians in recent decades from traditional forms of analysis to various “new” varieties of history, many of which involve the study of legal culture in its many aspects. Listed as HIS 8050 Advanced Topics in Work LawLEX 8241 Cr. 3 This seminar deals with current and evolving labour law issues. Notes: Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, basis.

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