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Legal Advisor in Kuwait

AlFliehan Law Group “Lawyers and Legal Advisors” was founded in Kuwait in 1987 and founded by lawyer Hamdan AlFliehan Alenezi on the eighth floor of the Qibla Tower on Fahd Al-Salem Street, opposite the Palace of Justice, one of the oldest legal buildings in the State of Kuwait. Within the legal market, practitioners have seen an increase in mandates related to the technology, health and telecommunications industries. The e-commerce sector is considered an emerging market and is showing promising growth signals due to high internet penetration, a young population and domestic investment, according to KPMG. The Kuwaiti legal market remains closed to international law firms and they are not present. Foreign companies cannot operate or own a business in the country unless there is a Kuwaiti partner who owns at least 51% of the company`s capital. Key players include local law firms Al Markaz Law Firm, Al Oula Law Firm (Adel Abdulhadi & Partners), Meysan Partners and ASAR – Al Ruwayeh & Partners as well as regional law firm Al Tamimi & Company. We are committed to supporting our clients in the conduct of their business by providing them with effective legal solutions, specific advice, relevant expertise, legal assistance and representation in all sectors. The AlFliehan Legal Group “Lawyers and Legal Advisors” was founded in Kuwait in 1987. The firm was founded by lawyer Hamdan AlFliehan Alenezi on the eighth floor of the Qibla Tower on Fahd Al-Salem Street, opposite the Palace of Justice, one of the oldest legal buildings in the State of Kuwait. AlFliehan Legal Group`s services include the introduction of disputes before the courts at all levels, carried out with great precision by a team of consultants with experience in civil, commercial, labour, administrative and criminal law.

The law firm holds the ISO 9001 International Quality Assurance Certificate and the ISO 27001 Information Confidentiality Certificate. The expansion, progress, prosperity and success of AlFliehan Legal Group continues today under the leadership of lawyer Hamdan AlFliehan Al Anzi at the firm`s new headquarters at Bneid Al Qar Block 3, 64 Street, Building 16, Floor 10. AlFliehan Legal Group is known for expanding its international business. its established global relations, which earn the trust of the largest legal institutions of the GCC countries, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Lebanese Republic, London and the United States. Eligibility and Citizenship: It is the Department`s policy to achieve drug-free employment, and individuals selected for employment must be tested for illicit drug use prior to final appointment. Employment also depends on the completion and satisfactory assessment of a background investigation. Congress generally prohibits agencies from employing non-citizens in the United States, with a few narrow exceptions set forth in the annual appropriations act (see www.usajobs.gov/Help/working-in-government/non-citizens/). According to DOJ guidelines, only U.S. citizens are eligible for employment at the Executive Office for Immigration Review, U.S. Trustee Offices, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Unless otherwise stated in a specific job posting, non-U.S. citizens who meet the criteria of the Immigration and Assignment Act may apply for employment with other DOJ organizations.

Please note, however, that the appointment of non-U.S. citizens are extremely rare; such appointments would be possible only if they were necessary for the implementation of the Department`s mandate and would be subject to strict security requirements. Applicants who hold dual citizenship in the United States and another country will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All DOJ employees are subject to a residency requirement. Applicants must have lived in the United States for at least three of the last five years. The three-year period is cumulative and not necessarily consecutive. Federal or military employees or dependents of federal or military employees serving abroad are exempt from this requirement. This is a departmental security requirement, which is waived only in extreme circumstances and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. ARALF is one of Kuwait`s leading law firms since 1972 with over 50 years of experience in a wide range of legal services to Kuwaiti and foreign clients. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Kuwait University – In 2003 work at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Naxalites legal researcher in the management of joint-stock companies for almost six years, as well as the work of the Department of Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing for the relevant ministry for four years, is now an independent lawyer is limited to the agenda of the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association (d) before the Court of Cassation and Constitutional Court. Labour practices apply in all branches of constitutional, criminal, civil, commercial, administrative and other law.

General, commercial, criminal, marriage, divorce, custody, adoptions Languages: English, Arabic, French and Hindi International Legal Group Al Tijaria Tower, floor 12, Al Sour Street, Block 3, Al Murgab, Kuwait P.O. Box 23932, Safat 13100 Kuwait Sharq, Ahmad Al Jaber St. Gravity Tower, 4th Floor, Kuwait General, including insurance, banking, civil law and car accidents Sharq – Jaber Mubarak Street, Commercial Real Estate Bldg, 3rd Floor, Kuwait Tel: 2243-8020/1/2/4 – 2243-8033/4, Fax: 2243-2272 Email: info@alessalaw.com Al-Adwani Law Firm 7th Floor, Injazzat Tower, Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Street, Kuwait Business Town, Sharq, Kuwait Resident Legal Counsel (RLA) will assist the U.S. Department of Justice and OPDAT to implement the fight against terrorism represent. technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of the justice sector in the Gulf region, particularly in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The LRA can also support Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Yemen in the areas of terrorist financing, financial crime and money laundering. RLA will work with relevant government officials in partner countries to plan and implement effective arrangements to combat terrorism, terrorist financing and money laundering. This could include analysis and advice on counter-terrorism laws, money laundering laws, asset forfeiture proposals and other related criminal laws, codes, laws and regulations. RLA should also provide technical assistance in areas that could include asset freezing/seizing, financial fraud, money laundering, organised crime and cybercrime. This position involves regular travel to the region and requires RLA to work with justice sector representatives from countries in the region to combat terrorism and financial crime through international cooperation.

General, including commercial law, civil law, narcotics and car accidents All interested lawyers who meet these qualifications must submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae to opdatdetails.gulf@usdoj.gov. Al-Qibla, Jon Tower, Fahad Al-Salem St. 2nd Floor, Kuwait Although this vacancy expires on April 1, 2022, the posting may be closed at any time if a selection is made. This mandate is valid for a period of 14 months, starting in August 2022, with the possibility of renewal, subject to the availability of funds. Appointment to this position is made by a refundable detail. Phone: 2246-1840/1, Fax: 2249-2096 Email: abdullah.alsamdan@ilg.com.kw Preferred: Experience in the following areas is desirable but not required: working in an embassy and/or abroad; teaching, curriculum design and working with international development projects; experience in money laundering and/or asset damage; knowledge of criminal justice systems in the Gulf States; and knowledge of basic Arabic and/or cultural knowledge of the Gulf countries. Veterans: There is no formal rating system to apply Veterans` preference to exempt service lawyer appointments; However, the Department of Justice views preferential eligibility of veterans as a positive factor in hiring lawyers. Applicants eligible for the Veteran preference must include this information in their cover letter or resume and provide supporting documentation (e.g., DD 214, certificate of release or termination and other supporting documentation). Although the “points” system is not used, applicants eligible for a 10-point preference must submit Standard Form (SF) 15, 10-Point Preference Application for Veterans and submit the required supporting documentation for the specific type of preference claimed (visit the OPM website, www.opm.gov/forms/pdf_fill/SF15.pdf a copy of SF 15 listing the types of 10-point preferences and the required supporting documents).

Applicants should note that SF 15 requires that evidence of service-related disabilities or receipt of non-service-related disability pensions be dated 1991 or later, unless the member submits official statements or retirement orders from a branch of the Armed Forces indicating that their retirement is due to a permanent service-related disability or that they are included in the List of permanent disabilities. Disability pensions have been transferred (the declaration or retirement orders must indicate that the disability is equal to or greater than 10%). Candidates should familiarize themselves with and comply with the relevant rules of professional conduct regarding potential conflicts of interest related to their applications.

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