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Australian Legal Tv Show

Rake is dryly funny and watches Cleaver tackle a wide range of outrageous and seemingly unwinnable court cases – it`s a crazy five-season race to the High Court of Australia. The group is led by the attentive Maudie and works well together as a team to try to solve different mysteries with each new episode. It`s a fun, family-friendly series that looks like a detective series, but isn`t as dark as the other detective series on this list. Rosehaven is a down-to-earth comedy about two friends moving to a small town in Tasmania. The series follows Daniel McCallum (Luke McGregor) as he returns to Rosehaven, his hometown, to help his mother with her real estate business. Upon his return, he discovers that his best friend from the “continent” (i.e. the rest of Australia), Emma Dawes (Celia Pacquola), has also decided to accompany him on his move to Rosehaven after a marriage that didn`t quite work. Updated August 27, 2022 by Jordan Iacobucci: The years come and go, as does Netflix`s selection of Australian series! With offerings constantly evolving on Netflix US, some Australian originals have left the streaming service just to have new ones take their place, giving audiences a new chance to explore shows they`ve never seen before. For American viewers looking for a trip below, there are still plenty of hard-hitting, hilarious and idiosyncratic series, old and new, that Netflix`s American catalog continues to offer. Something is wrong with georgina`s relationship with her husband Jamie (Hamish Michael), and Corrie obviously hides some secrets that may be related to her family and wealth. The first two episodes (which form the scope of this review) do not reveal much; The series also doesn`t create a particularly solid foundation for its characters. Judges are the center of attention, but also everyone in their lives, especially their romantic and business partners. The Twelve is better if it sticks to the central case, but it is only lukewarm interesting if it ventures elsewhere.

The plot is based on detective novels by Peter Temple and was first developed into a three-part miniseries before being adapted into a full-fledged television series with three seasons. If you like action-packed thrillers – with a hint of corruption and endless twists and turns – then this show is for you. Wentworth is a series loosely based on the popular 1980s series Prisoners. It is supposed to be a modern adaptation of the hit series with a younger version of the main protagonist, inmate Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), at the beginning of her prison life. The series begins with Bea entering a correctional facility awaiting trial for her attempted murder of her husband, and for eight seasons we watch Bea learn to navigate the complexities of prison life and eventually master the system to reach the top of the prison hierarchy. The series follows them as they navigate life and friendship in Rosehaven, with eccentric neighbors and all those trying to manage and resolve their past. The five-season series was also created and written by Luke and Celia, two real-life best friends, giving the acting a sense of reality and authenticity. The show is sometimes strange and absurd, with a touch of melancholy, but overall it`s a comforting and completely human show about the ups and downs of that old thing we call “life” – complemented by beautiful Australian landscapes of the outback.

Similar to The Gloaming, a second season is in the works. Check out some of the world`s best series available to stream with the best Australian TV shows on Netflix! Bleak House is a fifteen-part BBC television series based on the novel Bleak House by Charles Dickens, originally published in 1852-53. The series, which was produced with a star-studded cast, aired on BBC One from October to December 2005 and received a lot of critical and popular acclaim. It was reported that the total cost of production in the region was £8 million. The Good Wife is a legal drama starring Emmy Award-winning Julianna Margulies as the wife and mother who courageously takes full responsibility for her family and re-enters the workforce after her husband`s high-profile sexual and political corruption scandal drives him to prison. Like many truly modern shows, Why Are You Like This deals with hot topics like cancel culture and identity politics in a dry satirical and comic way. The series follows a trio of Gen Z roommates – Mia (Olivia Junkeer), Penny (Naomi Higgins) and Austin (Wil King) – on their way through a rapidly changing modern world with all the changing cultural and social values that come with it; while navigating their own path to adulthood and all the talkative work and social policy that comes with it. The show was co-designed by Cate Blanchett (who also has a small feature film role) and brings with it the high quality and great acting that we would associate with this name. With only a six-episode season, it`s short but incredibly effective. But it seems that the writers of The Twelve (Sarah Walker, Brad Winters, Anchuli Felicia King, Leah Purcell, Tommy Murphy and Greg Waters, who are adapting a Belgian series of the same name from 2019) did not receive the memo because the series does not start with the jurors, but with visions of the suspects Kate and the victim.

Only then will we be introduced to a future judge, Georgina (Brooke Satchwell), and even then, her opening scene isn`t quite hers. Director Daniel Nettheim (who directed the first three episodes of Stan The Tourist`s explosive series) runs into Georgina on her way to a jury selection process and Kate, who is transferred from prison to the courthouse. Do you agree with musical interludes in a drama TV series? If so, you`ll enjoy Wakefield. It`s undoubtedly a risky concept that may seem a bit heartbreaking in the first few episodes, but the acting and plot more than make up for it. The show follows psychiatric nurse Nik (Rudi Dharmalingam) to his workplace, where we meet patients and colleagues at a Mental Facility in the Blue Mountains and unravel the tendrils of Nik`s personal life and family history. Surviving Summer is one of the best new Australian TV shows currently on Netflix. The ten-episode teen drama features a young girl named Summer who has to get used to her new surroundings in Victoria, Australia, where she quickly falls in love with the people she meets along the way. The series follows how Joanna and Alistair cope with the consequences of the tragedy – how it affects them personally and how it affects their fragile relationship – while also getting scrutiny from the following media. The show is wonderfully performed and beautifully shot with unexpected twists and turns to keep you hooked. The seven-year series revolves around obstetrician Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie), who is turning 30. The characters are realistic, endearing and flawed, with Nina`s sister Billie Proudman (Kat Stewart) and Billie`s boyfriend Mick (Eddie Perfect) standing out.

With the flashbacks, animations, and fantastic sequences, the style and script are as quirky as her characters — and just warning, you`ll have Nina`s ring in your head after an episode or two. The series was an instant hit, with the first episode becoming the most watched Australian drama series in Foxtel`s history. Before being acquired by Netflix, the series was picked up by several countries and renamed Wentworth Prison. It`s basically the original version, but instead of being filmed in New York, it`s filmed in melbourne`s inland north. This comedy of life that laughs loudly is filled with drama, flashbacks, graphic animations, and occasional fantasy sequences. The show was so popular that it spawned a spin-off web series called Offspring: The Nurses on Offspring`s official website. In court dramas, all eyes are usually on lawyers – silver-tongued prosecutors or enemies of justice navigating a complex and flawed system. At the beginning of Foxtel`s 10-episode series, The Twelve, Brett Colby, a member of Sam Neill`s bar, talks to his client Kate (Kate Mulvany), a photographer accused of murdering a teenage girl. His performance will be crucial during the process because, says Colby, leans forward: “The jury is everything.â The title of the show then seems to bring that point home. A horrific and bloody right-wing thriller that explores the boundary between law and justice. Will Burton, a talented junior lawyer with unparalleled intelligence and winning charm, specializes in pleasing people from narrow legal corners. He is in high demand because he has never lost a business.

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