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Are Snare Traps Legal in Ontario

The Fur Institute of Canada coordinates trap testing across Canada to ensure that traps meet humane trapping standards. This is part of Canada`s support for the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards. Traps that meet these standards can be certified for use in Ontario. Last month, tens of thousands of Canadians signed the petition and left comments in support of the initiative. Many have told their own stories about the loss of pets in traps. The type of trap that killed George, a Conibear trap, is usually used to catch furry animals. These traps exert a pressure of 90 pounds and are designed to kill, not just fall. Baits are used to attract animals into them. Strain and his family are heartbroken by the loss of George, who died a slow death from the trap that day. She wants the laws amended to require that traps be returned to a minimum distance from public places and that signs be installed to warn the public when they enter a closed area. This is another example of the terrible and cruel nature of all the traps across Canada and our call for immediate regulatory changes. If you see a Conibear trap, do not try to remove or defuse it.

Instead, contact MNRF for more information (they can tell you if the trap is being placed legally or illegally). Prohibition of all body traps, including leg reefs (YES, it`s STILL LEGAL), conibear and trap (at least in urban areas and provincial parks). We have the right to know when we are near these death traps. If we had known that traps are allowed on our local snowmobile trail, we would never have taken our dogs there. Trappers should be required to install warning signs where their drop lines intersect public spaces. There should be minimal setbacks on public roads, roads and private property boundaries. Some trappers place their traps 5` above the ground to prevent dogs from being killed by them. But none of these protective measures are required by law. If a trapper places a trap directly on a public snowmobile trail on Crown land, as the trapper who killed George did, it is perfectly legal. All legal requirements for catching in Ontario are set out in the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 and the provisions of the Act.

Current Ontario laws allow trappers to place traps and kill traps on public roads, next to roads, in provincial parks, on private property right next to your home – all places where we like to walk our dogs, families and grandchildren. And all this without letting you know that the deadly devices are there. We don`t know how many dogs are killed or injured by these traps each year because no one keeps track, but we do know far too many cases. This is all the more heartbreaking because these deaths are totally preventable. I believe that these traps are cruel and dangerous and have no place in a modern society. Even so-called “certified human traps” such as leg reefs and traps are blind machines and can harm and injure non-target animals and our pets. I am very concerned about the use of body traps (nail traps, screw traps and traps) used to restrain or kill wild animals for the fashionable fur trade. We have enjoyed incredible support over the past few years and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to sign the petition, share it on social media and write to their MPs and MPs. We know this is something that many people believe in.

If you can and would like to support us by helping with legal fees, you can make a donation here. Why was this wolf here? Is something wrong? And she saw it: from the wire dug, cut the flesh of the hind leg of the wolf. A noose had caught her. Under Ontario`s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, this is a punishable offence of disrupting legal trapping, including handling a trap or driving animals out of a trap. “How can it be completely legal to place a deadly and baited trap directly on a public road?” she asks. “It was bad enough with my pet. What if I had gone for a walk with a child? Strain`s petition, which has more than 45,000 signatures, is www.change.org/notrapsontrails. There is good news.

MNR has changed its guidelines and now encourages “traps, setting traps at a safe distance from roads and trails, using safe trap sets for dogs, and sharing their fishing activities with other trail users.” All the things we asked for. However, these are only recommended guidelines and are not followed by all trappers. These practices must be implemented, as was the case in Manitoba, so that trappers risk losing their licences if they do not follow the rules. Mandatory identification tags for all traps so that trappers who break the law can be held accountable. Stay up to date on our legal case by checking for updates. You must also report the number of animals you catch, sell and keep each year under the supervision of your fishing licence. The numbers in your annual harvest reports help monitor fur carrier populations. 3. The person must keep the percussion rifle closed and unloaded until he is in the vicinity of the fur-bearing mammal that he has legally captured. (a) the trap has a jaw whose jaw does not exceed 23 cm; And an in-depth interview with Paula describing the events, her reactions and what she thinks should happen next is available in episode 118 of Defender Radio. APFA would like to express its deepest gratitude to Paula and the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary for their swift action to save the life of this wolf.

They are real heroes. Licensed trappers must use humane techniques to catch fur animals. Animals include: Contact your provincial government – MPP in British Columbia or MPP in Ontario – and ask them to push for immediate changes to fishing regulations in your province. “I stood there trying to figure out what to do,” Paula told APFA. “She looked at me and I looked at her and I thought, what am I going to do here? It`s terrible, but I can`t leave, I can`t leave them like that. Advocate for changes to trapping rules. Mandatory signage on all active drop lines to warn the general public. 2. The only firearm which the person must not have wrapped and loaded shall be a rim rifle referred to in paragraphs 3 and 4.

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