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Wills and Trusts Legal Solutions Ltd

We are not lawyers. We can only offer self-help services on your specific instructions. DP Legal Solutions is not a law firm and cannot represent clients, choose legal forms or provide legal or tax advice. Services are provided at the client`s request and are not a substitute for legal advice. Since legal needs vary from person to person, you should seek advice from qualified professionals if you have questions about your particular legal issues. Prices are ALWAYS excluding legal fees. We are experts in ensuring that these legal documents are prepared for our clients. I love the fact that we are a family business and we are able to protect other hard-working families with really important legal planning that gives future generations security and safe assets that they can also enjoy and enjoy. Legal Solutions in Mesa is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court for the preparation of legal documents. Since 1988, we have prepared thousands of legal documents for our clients. Yes, we offer wills and trust legal services throughout Texas. For customers who require this assistance, arrangements can be made in North Carolina or the District of Columbia.

After making the decision to make a new will, I contacted Wills & Trusts and spoke with Marcia, who gladly explained the legal process to me and quoted me extensively. What are you waiting for? Schedule your virtual or home visit to complete your Texas Living Trust or Texas Will. There are two ways to make an appointment, call us at (972) 236-5051 or email us at info@masterlylegal.com. If you would like to schedule a virtual or home visit to fulfill your will or trust in Texas, please contact us at (972) 236-5051 or info@masterlylegal.com to make an appointment. We are proud to serve the people of San Leandro and those who come from the Bay Area with their legal affairs since July 2010. You can count on our cooperation, as we are registered, bound and a licensed non-legal firm that can help you draft legal documents and help you represent yourself in legal matters. At Masterly Legal Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. We understand that estate planning can be a sensitive issue, which is why we always take the time to listen carefully to our clients and address their concerns. If you wish to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be happy to discuss your estate planning with you in more detail. We offer a range of estate planning services to help our clients achieve their goals, including: The signing ceremony is the most critical step in the estate planning process to avoid being invalidated by the court in the future. During the signing ceremony, the client signs the documents in the presence of the necessary witnesses and the notary. We will send an email to the professional and he will respond directly {{ breaklines text_main }} {{ breaklines text_more }} {{#if text_more }} {{ _t `public_seller-profile:review.more` }} {{/if}} Wills & Trusts Legal Solutions Ltd was created because, as a family, we want to help others understand how to protect and secure their estate. We can help businesses and families by exploring the many options available. {{ _t `public_seller-profile:review.source` source_name=source_name }} We also share your preferences with your other correspondence, so up to 5 other people can contact you directly. Masterly Legal Solutions was founded on principles to make a difference in society and in the lives of our clients. Therefore, we make it a priority to ensure that our clients are able to meet their Texas estate planning needs, whether it`s a Texas will, Texas Living Trust, Special Needs Trust and many other areas. We come to your home or office throughout the state of Texas! For those who prefer a virtual tour, we also offer this service. Wills & Trusts Legal Solutions Ltd is a family business with qualified estate planning advisors who know how to protect your personal and business assets from threats such as care, divorce and separation, remarriage, bankruptcy and tax obligations.

I hope our testimonials on our customer website will help people know why they should choose us. However, customers should also know that we are fully insured for all our work and that we also follow the STEP Code of Conduct for all work we do, which is the highest standard for our industry and therefore the services we offer are benchmark. We also like to treat our customers for the people they are, not just a number, and in doing so, we often go the extra mile for our customers, which allows us to have customers who trust us, and we have lasting relationships with many of our customers. We believe this is the way business should be done and it is extremely important for us to be customer-centric. Family businesses able to help clients with: wills, trusts, continuing powers of attorney and estate. We are all fully qualified property planners and all our work follows the STEP Code of Conduct, which is the gold standard for our industry. Please visit our website for more information and to learn more about us. Here`s what our clients say: “I recommend Wills and Trusts Legal Solutions. The service we received was professional, honest and friendly and will do anything to help you. After the passing away of some of our friends, many things were put into perspective for us and we wanted to make sure that our wishes would be expressed in case something happened to us.

It`s something we haven`t thought about since our late thirties. We now have peace of mind and all this is due to Wills & Trusts Legal Solutions Ltd. – Sarah Munday While we cannot eliminate the complication of an estate process, we can eliminate most of the UNNESSARRY loss. STOP THE UNNECESSARY LOSS TODAY!! You deserve MORE!! We understand that estate planning is not an easy task for people or that there could be mobility issues, which is why we offer virtual and in-home estate planning services at no additional cost. The visit will be no different than if you come to an office, as we bring every day you need for estate planning to your home. We offer a range of tailored trust options to secure all of our clients` assets in the safest and most tax-efficient way for future generations. In the strategic planning phase, we meet with our clients to plan their succession, identify beneficiaries and lay the foundation for achieving overall objectives. Next accounts created by June 30, 2023, due no later than June 31, 2023. March 2024 Fixed Fee • In-Home Service • Complete Estate Plan at No Additional Cost Our estate planning services in Texas are fixed and not hourly fees.

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