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Why Did You Choose Law as a Profession

Answering the interview question “Why do you want to study law?” can be difficult, as can all open-ended interview questions. Unlike the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” question, the interview question “Why do you want to study law?” is specific and straightforward, and therefore requires a targeted response. Law school interview preparation is important, and some of the best options are to use mock interviews or professional resources such as law school admissions tips. In this blog, we`ll look at why law school interviews ask, “Why do you want to study law?”, why it`s a difficult question that requires preparation, tips for answering, and a step-by-step guide to formatting your answer. We`ve also included some sample answers to help you prepare your own answer to this question. While the cases may not be as clear, you will find in the financial and job security outlook the stability most desired when it comes to having an established profession. As an in-demand job, positions are available and since most businesses, entrepreneurs and laypeople need lawyers, there is no worry about being unemployed. These include defending and promoting corporate interests, fairly representing defendants regardless of their crime, and supporting individual brokering disputes with others. The legal profession embodies society`s rich tapestry – from its darkest corners to its most virtuous stages – with the light of law to help you navigate the corridors of justice. Open-ended questions like these can confuse candidates during the interview process. It`s tempting to start a long explanation of your passion for law.

But that`s what your law essay is for. Some candidates refer to their curriculum vitae and praise their professional experience in the legal profession. But even these points are included in your law school application and have already been seen by the admissions committee. This question can therefore be difficult because it is difficult to find a sufficiently deep and thoughtful answer while remaining at the essentials and not boasting. Some choose to study law because of their past. Maybe you experienced something in your life that motivated you to study law. Maybe something touched you personally that interested you in the law. We all have different life experiences and sometimes they can be the most important factor in our decision-making. Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi are two world leaders who studied law. The namedropping of Latham & Watkins, Jones Day or Sullivan & Crowell in a conversation will certainly have ears. There are many movies and TV series, like Suits, The Rainmaker, and the movie responsible for this article`s opening quote, that glorify the legal profession and show how exciting a world can be.

Everyone knows that being a lawyer is difficult and requires a lot of intelligence, skill and strength. As such, work comes with a large amount of prestige. You can manage the truth. The legal profession is one of the most demanding, prestigious and the best rewarded. They make a difference in society, stand up for the innocent and prosecute the guilty. Lawyers are the front-line soldiers of the justice system and ensure that their clients` rights are heard. It`s all about money, money, money. A lawyer is a notoriously well-paid profession. They work long hours for a reason. The extreme expertise of lawyers means they can charge high fees as an individual. If you work for a law firm, average salaries are much, much higher than the median, with the average salary for lawyers in the U.S. currently being $144,230, which varies by state.

For example, the average salary for a New York lawyer is $167,110. The upside potential increases exponentially as you become a name that people trust. Even law professors earn an excellent salary between $105,000 and $200,000 a year. The final part of the answer to this question is to relate your reasons for studying or pursuing a career in law to the actual profession. For example, if you said you wanted to help people and you supported them, now you have to combine that with education or a career in law. How can this degree or career enable you to achieve your personal passion, your life goal, or whatever else you used as a reason to pursue law? What area of law would you like to specialize in in the future? Criminal law, civil rights, family law, immigration law or international law? Once you`ve chosen the land, think about the position you`d like to have ten years from now. You may want to work for a specific company or for a specific case. Studying law is full of challenges.

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