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What Tint Is Legal in Md

Police officers may also have a motor vehicle transported off the highway to an official county inspection post if window tint violations pose a risk to public health and safety. The only reliable way to measure the extent of your glass tint is to use a special tint meter. If you choose to tint your rear window, check that your car has two side mirrors to compensate for the loss of visibility. While the law is clear, the application of window tint in Maryland can leave room for interpretation, depending on the county. Maryland`s automobile window tint law prohibits the use of yellow, red, amber and reflective films (mirrors) after manufacture. Now that you know Maryland`s essential laws for tinting car windows, let`s explore some of the benefits of tinting car windows. No sedan, SUV or van may have mirror-tinted or reflective front or rear side windows. Medical exemptions are accepted in Maryland for people who need additional sun protection, which requires a 35% VLT exemption from the law. The waiver must be obtained from a practicing physician in Maryland and approved by the Maryland State Police – Automotive Safety Enforcement Division.

The windscreen shall continue to comply with the limit value AS1 for the tint of the windows. The tint of Maryland`s windows is measured by visible light transmission, or VLT. There are many good reasons for a glass tint; It keeps the car cool on hot summer days, it protects the inside of your car from sun damage, and it helps hide valuables in case a curious passerby tries to look through the window. Assuming your car is registered in Maryland and complies with window tint laws, everything should be fine. While a sticker isn`t necessary in Maryland to prove that a hue is legal, it helps avoid problems. These stickers are placed on each window between the film and the classroom, making them easy for law enforcement to notice. These are available at local police stations to test your hue, but most people choose not to go there to confirm that their hue meets the standards. Red, yellow, and amber are not legal under Maryland law. In Maryland, the amount of window tint varies depending on the type of car. Private cars in Maryland can have a window tint applied to the windshield up to the manufacturer`s AS-1 line, which is a thin strip of windshield about five inches below the top of the glass.

If the AS-1 line is not marked, use five inches as a guideline. Many cars come with a factory-applied windshield tint, but if not, make sure you follow Maryland`s hue laws and only have a non-reflective tint that has a maximum darkness of 35% VLT. (Window tint laws are the same in Maryland for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans when it comes to windshields.) In Maryland, window tint laws limit the tint of all other windows to an ALV of 35% or more, so for side windows next to the front seat and in the rear rows of cars (and third windows, such as sedans), the tint of the windows must have a maximum darkness of 35% visible light transmission. This also applies to the rear window (sometimes called the rear window) of all cars, although this glass is also limited to 35% darkness of the VLT. However, it should be noted that this shade is more than dark enough to give privacy to the vehicle and enhance the styling of the car. Under current Maryland law, reflective, mirror or metallic tint of windows is not allowed on car windows. Headlights must project white light, any other color is not legal. Any required lamp, lens or reflector obscured by an object or shielded by opaque material, or any projector equipped with a transparent, tinted or screen cover, is prohibited.

For more information, see Maryland Law. Maryland`s auto window tint laws were first passed in 1995, and in the meantime they`ve changed from time to time and are always subject to future updates, so it`s a good idea to stay up to date on regulations. There are several rules beyond the simple VLT assessments and thinking restrictions you need to follow in Maryland. One is simple: if you have a tinted rear window in any way, two side mirrors in good condition are required. (This is, of course, a standard for any reasonable driver, but still remarkable in terms of hue.) In Maryland, as in many states, you are prohibited from using red, amber, or yellow window hues or shades or shades nearby. All other window hue colors are allowed. Any window tint sold and/or installed in Maryland must come from a window manufacturer who certifies that the film they sell complies with Maryland laws, so check with your installer or retailer (for DIY car window tint) to make sure they use an approved tint. And while stickers proving the legality of window tint aren`t required on tinted glass in Maryland, authorities still recommend using these window film stickers to prove your tint is legitimate. Maryland`s tinting laws allow for special medical tint exceptions for window tint if a person can prove they need a darker shade than is usually allowed due to health conditions. Consult your doctor if you wish to apply for an exemption and keep proof of your Maryland color protection exemption along with other important documents from your vehicle.

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