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Sit-Ins Definition Dictionary

DeCrow led a movement against the practice, suing the Syracuse Hotel in 1969 and calling for protests and sit-ins. “Sit-in.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sit-in. Retrieved 30 November 2022. The purpose of a sit-in is to respond to concrete demands and raise public awareness of the subject. Most sit-ins take place in public spaces, from restaurants to small town halls to university buildings. Sit-ins almost always receive the attention of the press, the public and civil servants whose policies are the subject of protests. Although participants in the sit-in don`t always sit literally, they usually do – hence the name of the term. A sit-in is a type of political demonstration in which protesters gather in a building or room and refuse to leave. During the civil rights movement in the United States, sit-ins at the lunch counter were a common form of protest. The detectives are still there, trying to explain a moment when Brinsley may have taken a break to sit somewhere.

Straighten up. Visit or observe as in I am sitting in his class, but not for credit. [Early 1900s] You see, they always butter their chairs so they don`t stick when they sit down. Sit up. Replacing a regular member of a group, as in I`m Just Sitting for Harold, who did not succeed. Henry Hawk could sit in a large elm tree high on the road and see it. It is very difficult to watch helplessly as a friend is imprisoned for a crime that is too implausible to understand. Such gorges try, don`t they? If you catch a cold; Oh, yes!. His travel clique is known to arrive at an airport in a few hours, bags packed, passport in hand, after discovering a case.

I watch each episode alone on my couch and sit there and laugh and laugh. Join us or join us as a visitor, like in my son`s jazz band who asked me to sit down tonight. It is often defined as a sit-in, as in you asked me to sit in your poker game. [Mid-1800s]. The hut was barely high enough to let him sit and long enough to let him lie down – not to lie down. Inside the guild, men in caps and long robes sit in pairs and weave together in small rooms. A form of nonviolent protest used in the civil rights movement in the 1960s and later in the movement against the Vietnam War. During a sit-in, protesters occupy a place accessible to the public, such as a lunch or bus station or a place of racial segregation, and then refuse to leave.

The purpose of the sit-ins was to provoke arrests and thus draw attention to the cause of the demonstrators. Never again would he sit behind the wheel and rejoice in the impertinence of speed. This is a guy who lets his son-in-law clean his glasses because he shouts loudly. Earl Spencer adds, “My great-grandfather actually sold his children to his stepfather.” Participate in a sit-in, that is, an organized demonstration in which seated participants refuse to move. For example, students threatened to sit there if the dean was not reinstated. [circa 1940] After being calmed down by the captain with a sip of cold tea and forced to sit down, the examination of the book continued.

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