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Old Testament Law Today

Even the Ten Commandments, the clearest examples of so-called moral laws, pose problems for moral, civil, and ceremonial distinctions. For example, is the law of the Sabbath moral or ceremonial? If content is the criterion, then Sabbath law, which was clearly part of the Israeli worship system, is a ceremonial law, not a moral one. But if content is not the criterion of distinctions, what is? If the situation in the Ten Commandments becomes the litmus test for moral law, then there is a simple system with only two categories: (a) the Ten Commandments, which are universal and timeless and are considered moral laws for Christians, and (b) the rest of the law, which is not applicable today. Of course, this is also unacceptable, as it does not allow believers to claim Leviticus 19:18: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” which Jesus identified as the second greatest commandment. To distance Leviticus 19:18 from the verses around it and identify it as a moral law, content must play the primary role in discernment. If content becomes a criterion, then the law of the Sabbath should be classified as ceremonial. Much more can be said about this, but these principles can help you continually appreciate the role of Old Testament law in the Church today. Even in the book of Galatians 5, the same Pual is mentioned when you leave the law, your fall from grace and means why our God is God unchanging, and he said, my word stays forever after Jesus comes and dies for our sins, is the worst sin anywhere in the world today. One of the reasons Jews have existed for over 2,000 years is the existence of government laws. The Talmud, for example, and all its prescribed rituals established a worldwide movement of Jews. When was the last time you saw a Babylonian or Hittite on the sidewalk? Today`s Jews exist because of a common set of rules that govern them wherever they live. Sometimes we miss one of the most important purposes of the law in the church today when we mistakenly try to read aspects of Old Testament law. Often the law serves to emphasize a simple truth: God is holy and expects His people to be set apart.

This timeless truth is transmitted to the New Testament when Peter calls the church to obedience and holiness under the New Covenant in Christ (1 Peter 1:14-16). If you think humanity is inherently good, the law can help shed light on that. For example, Israel went through decades through decades crying out to God, receiving God`s help, complaining to God again, sinning when they became impatient with God, and then crying out to God when their sin got them into trouble with God. Does this need to be explained in more detail? Just read 1 Corinthians 10. We are not literally “Israel” in the Church today, but we certainly behave like Israel, do we? We need divine intervention in our lives. Thank God for Christ. Because they are proud, self-righteous animals and they are the Pharisees of ancient times, the same spirits of the devil. When a true believer comes, they know it and they hate him with a lustful hatred that I have seen time and time again, they are the pretenders to good exactly the same things we read as the Pharisees do today. They are not in love with our Creator or the Messiah, they do not love His commandments or laws, and have no intention of keeping the laws spiritually in any way, let alone physically. How they openly say that it does not exist and that it has been abolished. If the law and commandments are polite, then there is no spiritual truth or law, they are all connected, they are all one. To murder a sin physically, to murder spiritually is a sin, to take away the physical, there is no spiritual truth.

It is a diabolical blasphemy that the church world teaches, which is why Revelation calls them the one the beast rides, because they are one in the same. Correction, Yahuawah, our Father and Creator, says this, these are His words. It is the animal the animal is the animal is the animal is the animal is the animal. In fact, religious powers control and govern and dominate this world, it rides the beast that it has control over the animal. Atheists lead nothing, oh no, not to the heights, they are the same spiritual wickedness of the old spiritual Babylon and Egypt. What about this connection? Jerusalem or God`s people are so evil that they are spiritually called Sodom and Egypt. IMPRESSIVE! Have these people ever opened and read the Bible? Of course they did, but they can`t see or hear what he`s talking about… they….. Every word speaks of them, but for them, it speaks of everyone except them. there is the difference between a saint and a religious center, a religious man beats his chest and says, thank God, I am not like this person, but the collapsed chastened saint says that I am a sinner and that I need, in a perfectly just mockery of a tone of the Messiah, a perfectly right mockery of a tone of the Messiah, I didn`t come to cure the catch? No one is fair, it`s a total mockery of religious people. All righteousness comes from our Father, it does not even come from the Messiah, He had to receive everything from the Father. All things were given to him.

The father received nothing from anyone and no one ever advised him. Your symbols everywhere begin to open your eyes. What does the Messiah say? If you cannot understand earthly things, then you certainly will not understand heavenly or spiritual things that are not even possible! How can you? NO. With man, it is impossible, but with our Creator, everything is possible. What the hell do people believe what the Messiah says there? Literally with man it`s impossible Hello? The proud and self-righteous animal religion says that they are God, this is what the serpent says, they never die, they are immortal, they have immortal souls, they have the teaching of the serpent. They believe in the serpent and their own instincts instead of our Creator. literally everything that teaches the truth meaning of Scripture Religion and Christianity teaches exactly the opposite it blows me away every breath every day that I am so blind that it is beyond salvationYou are so blind that it is beyond salvation It is beyond salvation It is beyond them It would be like talking to a rock, which you are actually better off.

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