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Nsw Independent Legal Advice

If you need help with a family law matter, call our Early Intervention Centre on 1800-551-589 to find out where you can get advice. We do not advise on the following areas of law. What does it take to receive independent legal advice? If you are then satisfied with the performance of the agreement, you must sign an affidavit certifying that you have received independent legal advice from us. A certificate of independent legal advice is a certified document attesting that the party has obtained legal advice on the effects of an agreement, the advantages and disadvantages of entering into that agreement, and the rights and restrictions imposed on the parties to the agreement BEFORE entering into the agreement. There are situations where it is necessary to obtain professional advice before entering into a contract, deed or other type of agreement. In New South Wales, the practice and regulation of the legal profession is governed by the Uniform Act, which includes: Laws: Legal profession Uniform Act (NSW) Legal profession Uniform Application of Law Act 2014 Regs: Uniform Regulations of the Legal Profession, 2015 Uniform Regulations for the Application of the Laws of the Legal Profession 2015 Rules: Uniform General Rules of the Legal Profession General Rules 2015 Admission Rules Law Australian Rules of Conduct for Lawyers 2015 Rules of Legal Practice (Lawyers) 2015 Ongoing Professional Development Rules (Lawyers) 2015 NSW Legal Aid is a legal service provided by the New South Wales Government dealing with family law, criminal law and certain civil law matters. They provide free legal advice, legal representation, and legal aid to pay for a lawyer or private lawyer. A person`s ability to get legal help depends on the nature of their legal problem and their income. LawAccess NSW staff can help people find out if legal aid is available and fill out the NSW Legal Aid Application Form over the phone.

Bring all documents relevant to your legal problem, such as court documents and letters. The directory also contains details of accredited specialists in New South Wales (who may be from other Australian states and territories as well as New South Wales) and may include intergovernmental lawyers who have an office in New South Wales. Independent legal advice to clients is commonplace for most lawyers. The unique danger that arises is when a third party wants to rely on the lawyer`s advice in any way. Typically, they want evidence that the client has received and understood the advice. It is important to be aware of the obligations in force, especially when advising on a loan or guarantee, but also in the context of other legal activities. In all cases, we recommend that you seek independent financial advice independently of independent legal advice. Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Limited (ALS) is a community-controlled organisation responsible for legal aid to Aboriginal New South Wales and ACT. The ALS provides legal advice, referrals and records in the areas of criminal and family law (including care and protection) and, in some cases, civil law.

Check out the Australian Pro Bono Centre`s guide to finding legal aid in New South Wales. This includes free legal services as well as the ability to contact private law firms. Finding the right legal counsel to help you with your particular problem can seem daunting. We`re here to help. While we can`t provide you with legal advice, we have some practical information about what lawyers do and how they can help you, and we can help you get in touch with a lawyer. Below are areas of law where we do not offer advice. A lawyer will advise you once free of charge on your application. They will also tell you if you are entitled to additional assistance or legal assistance for a lawyer to represent you in your case. You might be able to help with simple documents if you don`t have a lawyer. They won`t be able to help you with complex legal documents. We cannot advise you financially.

This includes the fact that we cannot advise you on whether you sign the loan documents is financially advantageous for you. You should consult an accountant or financial advisor for this purpose. The Under-18 Helpline provides legal advice and information to young people under 18 and operates weekdays from 9am to midnight with 24-hour service from Friday 9am to Sunday midnight and also on public holidays. The Law Society can connect you with law firms that are willing to offer legal services for free or at a reduced fee. This assistance may include legal advice, assistance in the preparation of documents and representation in court. You can read more about independent legal advice in our blog “What is independent legal advice and why do I need it?” LawAccess NSW is the best place to solve a legal problem in New South Wales. This is a free government telephone service that provides legal information, advice and recommendations to people who have a legal problem in New South Wales. Answer a few quick questions via our online directory app to find the most suitable community legal centre in New South Wales that can help you with a legal issue. Legal Aid NSW`s mandate is to provide legal assistance to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in NSW, and we have limited resources to do this. Community legal centres are independent non-governmental organizations that provide free legal aid to individuals and communities when it is most needed.

Access the Law Association`s Legal Aid Referral Program. This system arranges appropriate requests for mutual legal assistance with a lawyer or mediator who can advise, represent or help you resolve your legal problem. To get proper advice, we need to read the loan documents and then meet with you to discuss the documents and why you closed the deal.

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