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Nota Legal Distrito Federal Cadastro

Each invoice created with the participant`s CPF corresponds to a lucky ticket. However, it is important to highlight the maximum number of 200 tickets per month per CPF. A total of 3 million reais in prizes, divided into: Programa Note Legal will draw 3 million reais in df. Residents can still register for the next draw, which will take place on May 24. Registration for the Legal Memorandum Program is done on the program`s website, which www.notalegal.df.gov.br. For the next draw, which will take place on May 24, tax coupons generated with CPF must participate between May 1 and October 31, 2021. The procedure activates all invoices generated during the period. To date, at least 695,000 taxpayers who put CPF on the ticket and have no outstanding debts are not registered on the site and therefore still do not compete for prices. While 245,000 have to regularize their debts. To check their situation, consumers must access the Financial Services Portal and search for outstanding debts. There are already more than 860,000 taxpayers eligible for the May draw. Law No.

4.159/2008; Regulation No. 227/2014 amending Decree No. 04 of 4 January 2012. Form of communication with the service requester: personal or virtual. Telephones: DF calls: 156, option 3; Links from other countries: 08006440156, option 3. In this case, the service accessible through this phone is limited to policies. INDICATIONS OF STRESS FROM PREVIOUS EXERCISES Access channels: in service agencies, if it is a personal service, or in the legal notice of the portal. ID and CPF of the person concerned; the title of the elector; where applicable, specific powers vis-à-vis the Customer`s recognized company. The more than 940,000 residents of the Federal District who are not yet enrolled in the Legal Note program can still apply for the prizes that will be drawn.

The program will feature 12,600 prizes ranging from R$100,000 to R$500,000, for a total of R$3 million in prizes. The credit can be used within two years to reduce the value of the launch of the IPVA or IPTU. With each purchase from a participating company, the consumer informs his CPF or CNPJ and asks for his tax note or coupon. In order to participate in the contest, the consumer has until April 25 to register and settle the situation, the tax office paying his outstanding debts. Can`t find what you need? Take a moment and look below!. The company registers the consumer`s CPF/CNPJ and issues the invoice or tax coupon, with the information submitted to the Ministry of Finance the following month. The information comes from the Economic Secretariat of the Federal District. Practical fee for copying: R$ 0.20 (twenty cents) per page, paid in BRB.

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