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New York State Legal Department

Attorney General James is suing the cryptocurrency platform for illegal operation and investor fraud 6. Upon receipt, you pay into the Treasury all sums it has received for debts due or penalties owed to the people of the State. 11. To pursue and defend all claims and proceedings related to the preservation and execution of the remaining interest of the Crown in a trust that meets the requirements of the second paragraph of paragraph (b) of subdivision two of section three hundred and sixty-six of the Social Services Act. 5. At the request of the Auditor or the Superintendent of Public Works 1, prepare appropriate drafts of contracts, bonds and other instruments for use by the Crown. Attorney General James is pouring up to $1.5 billion across New York State to combat the opioid crisis. Free helpline and legal advice on your reproductive health rights. 15.4 In all cases where the Attorney General has the power to institute a civil action or civil proceeding relating to the administration of any law of that State, he may instead receive assurances from any person involved or who has been involved in such an act or practice that an act or practice contrary to this Act will cease.  Such an undertaking may include a provision for the alleged offender to pay reasonable costs and expenses incurred by the Attorney General in the course of his or her investigation.  Evidence of a breach of this insurance is considered prima facie evidence of a violation of applicable law in any subsequent civil action or proceeding instituted by the Attorney General. More than 650 assistant attorneys general and more than 1,700 employees, including forensic accountants, paralegals, academics, investigators and clerks, work in the Attorney General`s Office in many locations across New York State.

Every day, the more than 850 attorneys and 750 support professionals of the New York City Department of Law work together to achieve justice while providing the city with the highest quality of legal advocacy. The Legal Department represents the city, the mayor, other elected officials and the many city authorities in all positive and defensive civil cases, as well as in juvenile criminal proceedings before the Family Court and administrative code enforcement proceedings before the criminal court. Legal counsel drafts and reviews local and state laws, real estate leases, supply contracts, and financial instruments for the sale of municipal bonds. The service also provides legal advice to municipal officials on various issues such as immigration, education and environmental policy. There is rarely a major city initiative that is not shaped by legal staff. Learn more about the New York Legal Department The legal functions of the Law Department are primarily divided into five main departments: Appeals and Expert Advice, Prosecutor, Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, and Social Justice. 16. (a) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, a governmental authority or an officer or employee of the State acting in its official capacity shall not have the authority to decide by mutual judgment, determination, injunction, settlement agreement, employment insurance or otherwise, actual or potential, and whether or not they arise from the common law, an equitable provision or a statutory provision; Such a solution means any condition or condition that would give the governmental authority, officer or employee, its representative or agent, component party or any third party control or discretion over how funds payable by the Settlement Party would be used, spent or allocated. (c) if a judgment, provision, order-in-council, settlement agreement, disclaimer or other legal instrument (1) settles a claim or cause of action brought by a government agency or an official or employee of the government in their official capacity, and (2) a claim or cause of action asserted by one or more foreign jurisdictions or third parties; Paragraph (a) of this subsection shall apply only to the settlement of the claim or cause of action raised by the public authority, official or employee. 3. To investigate, at the request of the Governor, the Auditor, the Secretary of State, the Commissioner of Transport, the Superintendent of Financial Services, the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or the State Inspector General, or the head of any other department, agency, department or agency of the State, to investigate the alleged commission of one or more offences contrary to law and in the execution of which the person applicants in particular, or in connection with any matter relating to this section and to prosecute the person or persons suspected of having committed it, as well as any criminal offence or offence arising out of such investigation or prosecution or both, including, but not limited to, appearing before a grand jury and presenting all such matters.

9. Initiate, prosecute, or defend, at the request of Industry 2 Commissioner 2 or the Department of State for Human Rights, any civil action or proceeding that he or she deems necessary for the effective enforcement of the laws of that State against discrimination on the basis of age, race, creed, color, or national origin; or to enforce any order or decision of such commissioner or department issued under such Acts. (8) Whenever the public interest so requires, the Attorney-General may, with the consent of the Governor and on the direction of the Governor, inquire into matters concerning public peace, public safety and public justice.  For this purpose, he may, at his discretion and without examination of the public service, appoint, recruit and remove at his discretion such assistants, officers and other persons as he considers necessary, determine their functions and, with the consent of the Governor, fix their remuneration.  All appointments made under this subsection shall be promptly reported to the Governor and shall not be reported to any other officer or ministry of the State.  The payment of salaries and emoluments of officers and employees, as well as the costs of investigation, shall be paid out of funds provided by the legislature for such purposes, deposited with a bank or trust company in the name of the Governor and the Attorney General, payable only by draft or cheque of the Attorney General. Countersignature by the Governor, and these disbursements are not subject to review except by the Governor and the Attorney General.

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