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New Eagle Scout Merit Badge Requirements

Alternative requirements are also listed in more detail under Eagle Scout Rank – Alternative Requirements in the current BSA requirements for Scouts. “The rank of Eagle Scout represents Scouting`s highest achievement and embodies a commitment to leadership and service,” said Roger Mosby, Chief Executive / President and CEO of Scouting. “Learning to respect and understand people with different identities and perspectives is fundamental to becoming a good citizen and leader, which is why we decided to demand this badge of merit for our future Eagle Scouts.” This will be the 14th mandatory badge with 7 optional badges. ♦ 21 badges for Eagle are still required. ♦ New badge needed for Eagle 01.07.2022 A legacy of empathy and respect is already embedded in BSA`s DNA, as evidenced by the Scout Oath and Boy Scout Act and other existing merit badges such as the Citizenship in the Community, Disability Awareness and American Heritage badges, which require Scouts not only to learn and expand their understanding of different perspectives. For the most part, Scouts in the pilot project say the Badge of Merit is a positive experience. Scouts were open to conversations about their research and responses, and they shared personal examples of encountering the concepts and ideals covered in the requirements. For more information on BSA`s merit badge and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, please visit scouting.org/dei, including the press release. These merit badges required in various disciplines ensure that an Eagle Scout has experience with badges that support the mission and vision of the BSA. These introduce concepts around citizenship, family, personal responsibility, preparation, fitness and outdoor skills. Today, the Boy Scouts of America presented the Citizenship in Society Badge, their new Eagle Scout badge for BSA Scout youth (ages 11-17). Badges of Merit, rank insignia and eagle palms can be earned by a registered Scout, adventurer or qualified Sea Scout.

Scouts can receive these awards until their 18th birthday. Any adventurer or Sea Scout who has attained the rank of First Class Scout in a squad or Lone Scout may be promoted up to the age of 18. Eagle Scout and Eagle Palms continue to work to reach the ranks of Star, Life and Eagle Palms. Scouts are encouraged to explore the topics as deeply and widely as they deem appropriate for their personal learning and growth. While a Badge of Merit Advisor may ask the Scout to identify their sources of information, the Advisor will not provide responses to Scouts. Instead, they will help facilitate discussions that will help Scouts understand them. ♦ Eagle Scout candidates will continue to use the current rank requirements until June 30, 2022 and will not be required to complete the new citizenship merit badge in society as long as they meet all current eagle rank requirements by July 1, 2022. They do not need to submit their final Eagle Scout application or complete their Eagle Scout Review Committee until July 1, 2022, but must meet all current Eagle Scout requirements by then. Citizenship in Society was carefully and carefully developed by the BSA`s Office of Diversity and Youth Program Development with input from a dedicated group of BSA volunteer scouts, youth and professional staff – including 31 Scout leaders and over 60 soldiers from various regions who participated in a pilot program to test the new merit badge. As of July 1, 2022, the Badge of Merit will be required for all youth who wish to attain the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. Here`s a look at the new citizenship merit badge in society: On November 1, 2021, the Boy Scouts of America introduced the new citizenship merit badge into society. This badge of merit encourages Scouts to explore important issues around diversity, equity, inclusion and ethical leadership, and to learn why these qualities are important in society and Scouting.

A scout who foresees this, through no fault of his own or decision. It is not possible to meet the Eagle Scout rank requirements before the age of 18 to apply for a time-limited renewal in accordance with Advancement Guide These are rarely granted and reserved only for work on Eagle. For complete requirements for the Badge of Merit and Badge of Merit Advisor materials, see scouting.org/dei. The badge of merit will be required to become an eagle on July 1, 2022. Further details will be announced by the National Youth Programme team in the coming weeks. Scouts must earn at least 21 Badges of Merit before receiving the rank of Eagle Scout. Of these 21 badges, 14 must come from this list of badges of merit required for eagles and the rest can be any badge not used for these 14. With the new merit badge comes a new mission statement for diversity, equity, and inclusion from the Boy Scouts of America: In addition, effective July 1, 2022, the citizenship in society merit badge became mandatory for the rank of Eagle Scout. Although we all have different backgrounds, our goals and commitments in Scouting are the same. We all take the same Scout oath and we all follow the same Scout law. This badge of merit is consistent with the Scout Oath and Scout Law, which collectively encourage Scouts to respect the beliefs of others, to be kind and polite, and to help others at all times.

The Citizenship in Society Badge of Merit builds on existing Badges of Merit, including the American Cultures, Citizenship in the Community, Disability Awareness, and American Heritage badges, which require Scouts to learn and broaden their understanding of different perspectives and encourage positive action. The “Citizenship in Society” badge of merit was developed by several volunteer Scouts, youth and professional staff. Like any other merit badge, this one connects Scouts with a merit badge advisor who helps facilitate discussion with Scouts as they try to better understand the subject and the world we live in. You can choose only one of the merit badges listed in categories i, j and l. Any additional merit badge earned in these categories can be counted as one of your seven optional merit badges used to increase your total by 21. To receive the badge of merit, Scouts must investigate; Explore resources; conducting interviews with Badge of Merit advisors, peers, parents and community members; and identify actions they can take to ensure inclusion and belonging to Scouting and society at large. For badges 7, 8 and 9 listed below, only one of the badges listed can be used as an eagle badge. If another member of the group is won, they can be counted as one of the 8 optional merit badges required to reach the rank of eagle. For example, if a Scout receives Cycling and Walking Badges of Merit to meet their lifetime rank requirement, when applying for an eagle, cycling or hiking may be counted as one required Badge of Merit and the other as an optional Badge of Merit. “This is the most important work I have done in Scouting. The requirements were difficult and satisfactory at the same time. One of the unique characteristics of citizenship in society is that there is no merit badge booklet with prescribed approaches or ideologies.

There are also no requirements to lead a particular response or lead a pathfinder on a path to a predetermined conclusion. For more information on this badge of merit, please visit: www.scouting.org/dei.

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