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Navy Regional Legal Service Office San Diego

Persons who are not eligible for LSN services are civilians or Department of Defense personnel stationed in a command in the continental United States. The mission of the South West Regional Office of Legal Services (RLSO) is to provide comprehensive legal support to naval commands and individual military personnel in their broad area of responsibility. Legal aid is available to eligible clients seeking assistance in personal civil matters. Support may include advice, analysis, research, negotiations, notarial services, and the review or preparation of documents. Legal assistance also provides services to inform authorized persons and commanders of personal rights and obligations. Please note that the Coronado (North Island) Naval Base branch is not wheelchair accessible. Please use the San Diego Naval Base location instead. Please call 619-545-6437 if you have any questions. Coronado Naval Base Satellite Office (North Island); The RLSOSW North Island branch is located in Building 318 aboard Naval Base Coronado (North Island). Continue straight past the main gate until you reach the flag circle. Turn right onto Quentin Roosevelt Blvd.

Continue straight ahead and turn left onto Saufley Rd. Building 318 is on the right, next to the North Island Federal Credit Union (NIFCU) and directly across the street from the pool (behind the FFSC CNRSW). The car park is in front of building 318 on the left. The staircase access is located on the pool side of the building. The office is located on the second floor. Individuals eligible for YPPR services are active duty, active duty pensioners and reservists, and dependants with identification cards. Valid military identification is required to receive services. An identity check is carried out at the check-in desk to obtain legal assistance. Howland has served the JAG Corps with honors since 2013. In his current position, he has distinguished himself as an officer and litigator in independent quarters with little oversight from headquarters. Her efforts in Guam culminated in her election as Junior Officer of the Year of Command in 2017 and later led to her selection as Junior Officer of the Year of the JAG Corps. Prior to her current deployment, Howland spent 18 months with the amphibious preparation group on the USS KEARSARGE (LHD 3).

He has provided legal advice on rules of engagement in numerous training exercises in cooperation with Turkey and other coalition forces and has been the first legal adviser for numerous humanitarian rescue and interdiction of the sea operations. Howland also completed a judge-advocate rotation on first assignment with the Defense Service Office North and Region Legal Service Office of the Washington Naval District. San Diego Naval Base Headquarters; The main office is located in Building 56 aboard Naval Base San Diego. When you walk through the main door, turn right. At the first stop, turn left. Enter the first parking lot on the right, and building 56 will be the second building on the right. While there is some parking for guests, parking is often difficult and it may be necessary to use adjacent parking spaces. Please call the main number at 619-556-2211 if you have any questions. The three ABA-approved officers are dedicated military personnel and qualified legal advisors who have made many positive contributions at sea, on land, in the courtroom and in the boardroom. Well done Zulu! Maddox, who joined the JAG Corps in 2014, has been recognized by the ABA for its broad range of high performance, innovation, vision, leadership, and legal and community services. In his current role, Maddox advises the Regional Commander on military justice, personnel law, investigations and administrative law.

Previously, he was a lawyer in Yokosuka, Japan, and San Diego, California. Prior to entering the legal profession, Maddox founded a consulting firm, formed an education-specific policy action committee, and taught ninth grade in the Rio Grande Valley. Most recently, he was selected as a Presidential Leadership Fellow and advocates for unconscious bias training for military decision-makers. “I was shocked to receive the ABA`s Top 40 Young Lawyers Award,” Maddox said. “The award is truly a reflection of the exceptional people I have worked with in the JAG Marine Corps – from lawyers to judges to lawyers to our civilians, I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by such exceptional teams!” Captain Shane Cooper, a long-time member of the JAG Corps, is an extraordinary leader, diplomat and advisor who has made many contributions ashore. at sea and used in emergency operations abroad. Most recently, he served in the Middle East as Senior Legal Advisor to the U.S. Navy`s Fifth Fleet.

Previously, he was Director General of the Northwest Region Legal Services Office, where he led 80 officers, conscripts and civilians. It was also deployed on an aircraft carrier, operated out of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, and supported all U.S. and coalition naval operations in the Persian Gulf and Pacific Ocean. He is recognized throughout the JAG Corps as a generous and dedicated mentor. CONSULTATION + DOCUMENT PREPARATION Adoptions Advance Health Care Policies Affidavits on Paternity Child or Spousal Support Consumer Law Issues Debtor and Creditor Issues California Divorces Enduring Powers of Attorney Letters of Debt Landlord and tenant issues Living wills Marital separation agreements Civil Relief Act Civil Relief Act Name change Notarial Services Power of Attorney Wills Lieutenant Jim Howland, Branch Officer at Defense Service Office West, Guam, received the ABA Outstanding Young Military Service Lawyer Award. Lt. Ben Maddox — deputy chief of staff to the commander of the Washington Naval District — was named one of the top 40 young lawyers. Captain. Shane Cooper, Commandant of the Naval School of Justice, received the Judge Advocate Award for Outstanding Military Career. The Coronado Naval Amphibious Base Branch is located in Building 16 aboard Naval Amphibious Base Coronado.

Continue straight after Main Building 16 is on the left next to the US Post Office on Guadalcanal Road. This branch has walk-in hours for notary and power of attorney services Wednesday 13:00 – 15:00 Legal assistance by appointment only. In this branch, there is no help of will. Please call 619-437-3788 for more information. NOTE: For notaries, powers of attorney, affidavits or to sign your will, you must bring your military ID card and a state/government issued photo ID with a signature (e.g. passport, driver`s license, government ID card). SCHEIDUNGSSEMINAR Marinestützpunkt San Diego (32nd Street) Dissolution Information Videoâ¦.⦦¦¦¦¦ Montag 1330 Dissolution Paperwork Seminar. Dienstag 1330 Dissolution Paperwork Completion⦦¦.⦠Mittwoch 1330 ATTORNEY SERVICES (NUR TERMINVEREINBARUNG) *** Emergency walk-ins werden nur von Fall zu Fall gesehen. Regional Legal Services Office – Southwest 3395 Sturtevant Street, Suite 2 Blvd. 56 San Diego Naval Base San Diego, CA 92136 EXECUTION OF WILLS (For clients with outstanding estate planning documents) Monday – Thursday 1100 and 1500 Friday 1100 NO SUPPORT Administrative separation committees / commissions of inquiry Lawyer`s error or billing Management advice Ethics advice (including standards of conduct) Advice on criminal offences Financial Planning Fitness reports Prosecution U.S.

Government Medical Discharges Military Justice Tips After going through a long message about what I needed, I chose an option and received.. “There is currently no one available” really.

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