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Munker English Definition

Inherited from the Old Swedish Munker, borrowed from the Latin monachus, finally from the ancient Greek μοναχός (monakhós, “alone”). The dictionary always plays an important role in learning a new language, as it is important to know the exact use of the word. Find the correct meaning of Munkar in English with all the important details including pronunciation, similar words and more than 1 definition for better understanding. Kafir are similar words to Munkar. This Roman-English dictionary is more useful to search for the English meaning without any problem. The Urdu word Munkar is often used in verbal communication or in written narratives. Munkar means منکر in renegade German. This Roman-Urdu dictionary helps those who want to learn the meaning of words from a reliable source. The meaning of the word Munkar is given here with the Munkar definition to better understand the meaning of this word. Here we have provided the detailed definition of Munkar, its meaning in English and the correct pronunciation of the word. munk m (definite singular munken, indefinite plural munker, definite plural munkene) From Old Norse munkr, Old Saxon munik and/or Old English munuc. Borrowed from the late Latin monachus from the Ancient Greek μοναχός (monakhós, “solitary, monk”).

“I must have been a terrible mucker,” Gerda whispered after a pause. In the printing error; borrowed from the German Mönch (“monk”), compares the lighter spots with the tonsure of the monks. Munkar means Munkar in Urdu for the German renegade. The word synonymous with Munkar is apostate, deserter, talkative, rebellious and recreational. Similar Munkar words are also commonly used in everyday conversations such as kafir. From Old Swedish munk, from medieval Latin monachus. His voice had a hint of bitterness; She didn`t like coming as a mucker, and she hadn`t been told she couldn`t take the exams. Anyone would have done it, anyone who wasn`t a mucker, I mean. munk c (Singular defined munken, indefinite plural munke) Thanks, not always – I`ve been a mucker more than once in my life! The Urdu word ù ÙÙÚ©Ùر meaning in English is Abnegator. Other similar words are Munkar, Tark Duniya Karne Wala, Tardeediya, Tiyagnay Wala and Dast Bardar Honay Wala. Take a look at this page to learn more meanings of Kacha in English.

The mucker in the mine must belong to the same union as the man operating the drill. In the sense of pastry; Debated. According to some, a comparison with the tonsure of medieval monks. According to others, and more probably according to historian Harrison, a comparison with the physical roundness of the monks.

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