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Certificate of Applied Technology in BusinessParalegal CertificateParalegal Diploma Applicants must have: British Columbia High School Diploma or equivalent. Non-graduates aged 23 or over may be considered individually; Prerequisites for CMNS 125; and one of the following: successful completion at the post-secondary level and within the last two years of a certificate program for legal administration assistants that includes articling periods; or two years of legal administrative experience and current employment in a law firm and proof of a writing speed of 60 WPM (attach a copy of the certificate). Highly recommended to attend the course in Capilano. I`ve been in the legal industry for almost a decade and many lawyers have told me over the years that Capilano is the certificate of choice and VCC will sort of come second. Capilano is intense, but I thought it was worth it. Would love to go to the VCC as it`s half the price and downtown; However, I wonder if anyone has the course without having completed the professional course and without working in an administrative office. I`ve worked as a teacher before, so I`m pretty confident with office routines, but I don`t know if I`ll be admitted because I didn`t work as a receptionist or take the other course, which is $2,500 more. The location is much better and the hours are convenient. One of the paralegals I worked with was teaching in the paralegal program at the VCC and told me that she left because she thought the situation was going to deteriorate and she felt compelled to move beyond the people who could not meet the standards. Upon successful completion of the Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate, you can continue your education in the Paralegal Certificate and Paralegal Diploma programs.

By the time you complete the program, you will have a wide range of essential skills in legal litigation, including litigation, family law, corporate law, wills and estates, and transfer of property. You are ready to embark on a rewarding career in the legal field. You will also have the opportunity to continue your education to obtain a paralegal certificate or diploma. I haven`t heard anything good about office management programs at VCC. Good things about some of their other programs, yes, but not about this department. Hi, I know this was posted 2 years ago, but unfortunately the post didn`t provide much information! I would like to take the Legal Administrative Assistant course at Vancouver Community College or Capilano University. VCC: 5-month program and $2,500 (prerequisite: VCC Professional Administration Course or 1 year of administrative experience) Capilano: 8-month program $5,600 Upon completion, graduates will be familiar with the use of legal vocabulary, able to perform legal administrative tasks and procedures in all areas of specialization, and be able to apply principles of organization and prioritization. After successfully completing the theoretical component, students are transferred to an internship. The programme is divided into eight modules listed below. The first is an overview of general legal procedures, followed by five courses covering specialist areas of law. These diverse workplaces require assistants who have higher skills, a knowledge base, and strong multitasking skills.

UFV`s LAA program provides you with the latest industry knowledge and practical skills to get you up and running after graduation. A career as a legal administrative assistant offers interesting and challenging tasks and can be personally and financially rewarding. Legal Administrative Assistants (LAAs) are eligible for a variety of administrative support positions in corporate offices, law enforcement agencies, government services including court services and Crown counsel, federal, provincial and local offices, notaries, insurance companies, financial organizations, correctional facilities and real estate offices. For the paralegal program, Capilano and VCC are the only ones that are fully recognized. I would go 100% with a cap for that. You can do LAA first and then do the part-time paralegal evening program, or you can go directly to the paralegal and do a longer full-time program. This might be worth considering if you are interested in working as a paralegal. I don`t think you have a chance in your situation to join VCC at LAA without first taking the Administrative Assistant program. However, contact VCC and find out. To me, it seemed like a waste of time to have to do an administrative assistant first, especially since I was told at the time that there was a one-year waiting list for the administrative assistant program. I guess it would actually be faster for you to do LAA in Douglas or Cap than VCC. To be eligible for the practicum module, you must have met all previous education and attendance requirements.

If you qualify for an internship, UFV Continuing Education will assign you an internship that will provide you with significant professional and legal experience. Become a trained legal administrative assistant and assist lawyers in legal, corporate, governmental, notary, insurance or real estate offices. * Tuition fees are subject to change without notice. Textbooks are not included in the lessons. Information on current fees can be found on the Continuing Education page. For more information, see Fees and other costs. The law can be tough and working with lawyers is more difficult but rewarding. If you take things very personally, I suggest you work on it before you start in a law firm.

Once you realize how meticulous and narcissistic lawyers can be and how overworked and stressed some are (mainly sr. lawyers), you will learn to understand that you shouldn`t take things personally. I think both VCC and Cap use textbooks for their LAA programs, which were written by Titus Yip who teaches at Douglas. I am currently doing mine entirely online at UFV; I won`t graduate until August, but I`ve already been hired by a mid-sized company downtown, which I absolutely love. Having it online was ideal for me as I could still work (pre-Covid, of course) while I was in school full time. This is a five-month full-time program that runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Classes are held at the Clearbrook Centre in Abbotsford. The practicum follows immediately upon successful completion of the theoretical components and takes place at various locations throughout the Fraser Valley. If I may, just out of curiosity, what makes a former teacher become an AAL? Some of the LAAs I have worked with have not completed an LAA program. One of them started as a receptionist and eventually worked as a LAA in the same company.

Another AAL had a bachelor`s degree and then worked for a while as a minimum wage ALA at a crappy company before being hired there. He had managed to learn a lot on his own in this law firm – they hired people like AAL who knew nothing about the law, and then left it to them to figure it out for themselves. I don`t know if I want to experience this myself. The receptionist had a LAA certificate (from Kwantlen, perhaps?) but it didn`t seem she knew much about it and I don`t think they were interested in moving it from reception to LAA. Internships reflect the business practices of the internship organizer, including placement during normal business hours. Transportation to the internship site is your responsibility and may require travel outside your shared apartment. If you decline an assigned internship, you will need to find your own location and obtain approval from the ministry before starting your internship. Hi, I know this article is from about a month ago, but I`m currently looking at LAA programs and wondering if you have any opinions about the 8-month program in Kwantlen? I was told that Douglas` LAA program is more practical and Capilano more theoretical.

Format: Full-time: September, online | In January, online students must have a grade percentage of 85% and proof of attendance of 90% in each module.

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