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Best Definition of Unmerited

This example of undeserved suffering is the best example for us to lose ourselves for the good of our community by being renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated as we begin a new year with unprecedented opportunities. A fluctuating peak of undeserved magnitude is. Governor`s language. Revelation as a compulsory ministry for people in sinful conditions was born of His undeserved grace. The court ruled that the Duke`s use of the Savoyard name was “undeserved” and ordered him to immediately cease his “harmful behavior.” Thorn seems to have felt to the maximum the totally undeserved contempt of the first naval officer for the commercial service. “undeserved treatment of a potentially good subject” Our own opinion is that incompetence, as was the household, attracted many undeserved obloquy. It is essential that special investigators have the independence and resources they need to conduct investigations, a judicial review process in the background to prevent the undeserved removal of a special advocate not only helps to ensure their independence in the investigation, but also reaffirms our country`s system of checks and balances. My favorite of the Cato Unbound essay: As long as the elites are on undeserved reverence and flattery towards the. What Dr. King told us was that undeserved suffering was always redemptive. As long as the elites insist on undeserved reverence and flattery towards the majority, it will be very difficult to contain the dangers of voter irrationality. On this day, when all nations will be at their most naked, favor undeserved by me, who has sought forbidden knowledge by forbidden means. John Milton To be a man is to be responsible.

It means feeling ashamed at the sight of what appears to be undeserved misery. It`s about being proud of a victory your comrades have won. It`s about feeling when you lay your stone that you`re helping to build the world. But conversations with several Senate staff and Capitol insiders say the shock is not deserved. The influence of the priesthood on the people was fostered by the memory of the events to which it had alluded; and the idea of undeserved and mutual suffering; and one could no doubt amuse oneself with their present feeling that if Catholics were allowed to enjoy political power, their first effort would be to restore their religion to its original supremacy; and to recover the property and property that had been taken from them by the Reformation. Often we have a negative association about what constitutes “modern” or “contemporary” church architecture – and often this is not undeserved. Please remind them of my strong constant appreciation; it arises from the commemoration of a succession of undeserved goodness. Although they can retain any external spectacle, strong men suffering from undeserved misfortune are sometimes very close to tears.

Just then, the vision of his little Californian home and the woman and her two yellow-haired boys was strong on him, and there was a strange, suffocating sensation in his throat that frightened him that if he tried to speak, he would sob instead. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “undeserved.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. I suspect that without Chief Honcho, people will be less inclined to post in our well-skilled but undeserved community. • stems from a love that comes from the realization that wonderful gifts are given to us “undeserved”, which leads to gratitude. There is a discourse – sometimes capable – which draws up a long catalogue of undeserved wounds and long sufferings. The government, Madison wrote, should prevent the unnecessary accumulation of great wealth—especially the “unearned” fortunes that come from public patronage. Not won; no other than those obtained by preferential treatment. Doubt the vote, Bryan Caplan| | EconLog Library of Economics and Liberty Superhero Nation: How to Write Superhero Novels and Comics » Business Travel! A consideration of two very different directions in “contemporary” church architecture.

Latest news, latest news, breaking news, BRITISH news, world news, celebrity news, political news Reverend William E. Flippin, Jr.: It`s time to lose our luggage one-mer′i-ted, adj. Not deserved, undeserved: Received without service.—adj. Unmer′itable (Shak.), without merit.—n. Unmer`itedness.—adj. Destitute, not deserved. Maxims and opinions of Marshal Sa Grace of the Duke of Wellington, chosen from his writings and speeches during a public life of more than half a century.

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