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Al Dhaheri International Advocates and Legal Consultants

Employment is considered a valuable asset for everyone. Therefore, our goal was to provide proven legal advice and efficient service in dealing with work cases. We advise companies in their ongoing contractual relationships with national and international customers, suppliers and distributors. Our lawyers advise you in all its forms Arbitration is a simple legal process used worldwide to reach an amicable settlement of disputes outside the courts. As a professional team providing high quality real estate law services in the UAE, we have developed streamlined processes to make the provision of services faster and more convenient without compromising FDI, we have been providing legal transport and logistics services in the UAE for over 10 years in this area which covers shipping and ground transport Our lawyers offer one and one representation experienced in presenting a pragmatic defence on behalf of clients accused of a crime or misdemeanor conviction. We represent companies in many aspects of their professional life, from the initial creation of the company to various aspects of their development and operation. {{activeUserProfile.businessName[$root.selectedLanguage] || activeUserProfile.businessName.de | limitTo: 20}}. Our team of banking and financial services experts specializes in demanding banking transactions. Our team`s areas of expertise include banking law, Islamic and commercial banking We constantly advise our clients in the field of aviation to resolve transaction and litigation issues. With the exponential growth of Water, our customers make sure we design and verify. {{business.description[selectedLanguage] || business.description.de}}. The experience and skills of our construction litigation and arbitration team are supported by our construction litigation expert, Mr. Mohsen Mustafa, who is recognized as one of the most.

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