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Abrise Legal Internship

Impressed by Suits and hoping to gain experience before tackling the course? So hire a lawyer at Abrise Legal, as we have internships available. Don`t worry; They won`t have coffee for us. You must send your internship application with your CV to [email protected]. In my case, I received a confirmation email within a week. Abrise Legal prides itself on hiring the best talent to help its clients with the necessary legal expertise. The addition to our team must be someone who not only has the necessary knowledge, but is also ready to learn. If you think you meet the criteria, fill in the following details – I had average experience working in IP law firms, but the way my mentor explained things to me very quickly developed my interest and learned a lot from this internship. Disclaimer: Organizations must not influence interns to write internship experiences on Lawctopus. You also do not have to make it mandatory to write an internship experience on Lawctopus for the intern to obtain a certificate.

If you engage in such practices, the organization will be blacklisted by Lawctopus. In the case of such a case, interns are requested to inform [email protected]. Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and are generally personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus` official views on the internship. We also do not process internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern`s voice remains intact. Send your CURRICULUM VITAE, diploma and study name to info@abriselegal.com The work environment is really positive and makes interns feel good about coming to work. If you are not aware of anything, learn things here and get tips while performing the task. This justifies to a large extent your internship. The internship typically includes:• Drafting and reviewing agreements.• Case research• Trademark registration, patents.• Due diligence• Research and writing of articles and blogs.

Ms. Richa Joshi, Managing Lawyer and Founder of Abrise Legal, conducted a short interview on the first day about my previous internships, which was then followed by the areas of work and the working atmosphere at Abrise. The work environment is fun, positive and every moment is a complete learning experience, when I went here I was John Snow – I didn`t know anything, but soon I had a hands-on job and learned through him. I learned the nuances of law, how little words make big differences, the essential skills for a lawyer, most importantly, I learned ways and processes of work that help me develop and grow in terms of career and personality. Whatever work is done, the work must be submitted electronically, i.e. by e-mail, to The Madam. I have a very lot of experience in the field, which is extremely important for a lawyer, essential skills such as the facts associated with it. Internships can be a lot of fun, so relax, meet the new people around you and enjoy!. 6 weeks. Usually, 6 days a week. But even sometimes Saturdays are free. (Yay!) Home » Internship Experience » Internship Experience @ The Abrise Legal, Mumbai: Worked on trademark applications, IPR cases The main tasks mainly included filing trademark applications to read the files of the various IPR legal cases.

I was primarily involved in editorial work, which included preparing responses to audit reports, counter-notifications, affidavits and powers of attorney. E-712, Crystal Plaza, New Link Road, Opp. Infiniti Mall Andheri (West)-400053. Showing that you are passionate about work will leave a lasting impression that you could benefit from in the future when it comes to asking for a referral. You must have heard that no one is perfect, but if you work here, you will know that you must be perfect in what you do. Be well acquainted with your research and be prepared in terms of obvious questions related to the same, Madame was always ready and willing to help me in my work every time. She also sometimes has fun with the trainees and tends to make the atmosphere light but healthy. Your email address will not be published.

Required fields are marked * Trademark Applications, Responses to Audit Reports, Contract Drafting, Legal Research, Public Trademark Search, Debt Collection Notification, Preparation of Case Studies, Also had the opportunity to participate in trademark hearings. The best thing here is that the suggestions you give during your work will be greatly appreciated. From my first day, I was the typical anxious student with eyes on rehaugen, wondering what this experience would entail, but as soon as I met the coolest boss (also known as a management lawyer and founder of Abrise Legal), Mrs. Richa Joshi, I felt comfortable. In the true sense of the word, everything, every working day was an enjoyable experience. There are no bad things as such. You just have to pay attention to your work here, don`t be crazy, they will train you. I had also drawn up many agreements and learned the procedure for filing applications for the various registrations of intellectual property rights. First impression, formalities on the first day, infrastructure If you are interested in IPR or otherwise in a dispute or if you just want to give the best of yourself, `ABRISE` Legal is the right place for you. I stayed at PG in Andheri (West), just Sagar City, which is not far from the office. She first attended a job interview where she gave me more clues about my resume and the use of transferable skills from other things I had done, a perspective I often missed elsewhere, and then it was the basic introduction to the company`s areas of work.

Besides, the office is so cute, for lack of a better word. It has elements that make you want to go Woah! Good environment = Good mood for work, a life lesson I learned here Towards the end, I was able to think critically before doing anything. I also had the chance to receive lectures on various topics such as contract basics, brands, etc. Law students with relevant knowledge, skills and interests may apply. ABRISE Legal is a Mumbai law firm operating in the fields of intellectual property law, arbitration, media and technology law, labour law and commercial law.

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