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2 Weird Laws in Arizona

Over the years, Arizonans have shook their heads at some of the crazy things our politicians have done, including some of the laws they`ve passed. While some may have a touch of reason for themselves, others simply seem too far away to perhaps be true. Here`s a collection of strange laws in Arizona that will make you think, “Wait. What? It turns out that there are some pretty strange illegal things in Arizona, but some of the things you heard may not have been accurate: 8. No one likes to get scammed, it`s common for people to handle crane games, so you can never get the price that makes you spend more money. This law is not strange and is perfectly logical. Here are some head scratchers that people say are strange laws in Arizona, but aren`t in reality: Why on earth would someone give garbage to a random pig – we don`t know. And it`s pretty shitty too. However, Arizona laws allow you to feed your household waste to a pig that you raise for your own use.

Only, how, not. Every state seems to have strange laws in the books, and Arizona is no exception. For example, did you know that it is illegal to spit in public? Yes. It`s also SUPER illegal to destroy or remove saguaro cacti – they`re protected for a reason. It is illegal to hunt camels here (and there are no camels here). It is illegal to own more than four dogs (but it will not stop us). And what strange laws of the Arizona section would be complete without this gem: it`s illegal to let your donkey sleep in the tub, so don`t even think about it, Buster. It is probably the greatest urban legend of Arizona. Everyone thinks it`s true. But no one seems to be able to find the law.

If a person comes to your door and needs refreshment, it would be fair to give them a sip of water. But can you imagine a man sentenced to prison for refusing to invite a religious missionary to his home to drink a glass of water? There are many laws in Arizona, but there are no laws that make it illegal to refuse a glass of water under Arizona law. Our articles on “strange” laws aim to highlight some of the most obscure or surprising laws. This intention falls under the definition of “strange,” which is something “different from what is common, ordinary, or expected.” For example, the fact that Arizona has a law that makes bolo the official neck covering of the state (2015 Arizona Revised Statutes § 41-857) is not what most people would expect when flipping through the state`s laws. While there may be a good reason for this, most people wouldn`t expect it to be illegal to spit on a public sidewalk. Trimble adds that there are dozens of strange, strange and unnecessary laws in our state. For example, you can get 25 years in prison if you cut a cactus. He believes they exist in part because so many different people have come to Arizona to live there over the years. Did you know that it`s illegal in Arizona to have sex with a rodeo clown in an elevator on Tuesdays? No? That`s probably because this “stupid law,” like almost every “stupid law” you`ve ever heard about Arizona, is complete. Check out 10 such laws attributed to Arizona law books that may have been around for a long, long time, but are certainly not laws right now: in Goodyear, Arizona, it`s illegal for anyone to spit on public sidewalks, highways, or pedestrian crossings.

It is also illegal to spit on a public trail or in a park or public building. If you spit in front of a public building like City Hall, you could be found guilty. The fine could be as high as $2,500 or six months in prison. Some people think that this strange law in Arizona should be enforced in many other places. No one should neglect personal hygiene and public health. Especially our current situation confirms it! There are crane games in supermarkets, pizzerias and cinemas. There you can pay money and the big hand of the crane goes down and grabs a toy. These games are hard to win.

Well, don`t even think about rigging any of them. It is illegal. Even manufacturers or machine owners cannot manipulate the machine to make it harder to win a prize. In addition, you can not distort the value of crane set prizes. So, do you think this rule is the highest of all the strange laws in Arizona? Arizona also has some strange laws related to motorcyclists. If you are over 18 years old, you do not need to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. However, the state requires a motorcyclist to wear glasses or have a windshield instead.

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