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3 Ejemplos De Normas Legales

There are different ways to classify legal norms. Two of the most important have to do with it: The general spirit of legal norms has many margins of analysis, but to generalize, it can be said that these norms seek to limit people`s natural instincts or free will in the pursuit of healthy coexistence in society to ensure that everyone lives in the preservation of certain central values. such as family, freedom, property and others. In addition, the law has different branches, each with its own legal rules. In the case of criminal law, there are the Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Code of Criminal Procedure, etc. And here we find other examples of what a legal norm is. Legal norms ensure social order. If they don`t punish if they are disobedient, it can cause them to fall into oblivion, so when this happens, the rule becomes “not in effect.” Legal norms are based on the following concepts: Legal norms are those that define the duties and rights that aim to regulate the conduct of the members of a society. Their main feature is to exercise coercion, that is, sanctions are imposed in case of non-compliance. Some types of legal norms are laws and decrees. Norms are rules that must be established and respected by all citizens in order to maintain order and harmony in a particular context. For example: Don`t steal, treat everyone with respect.

They are set up for individuals to interact with each other in an expected way, and their non-compliance can lead to social sanction or rejection. There is a similar classification, known as the Hartian classification (proposed by the English legal philosopher Herbert Adolphus Hart, 1907-1992), which distinguishes legal norms according to the same criterion, but as follows: Usually, legal norms are distinguished from religious norms and other forms of social norms, although in theocratic societies, for they were abundant in the European Middle Ages, or among the civilizations of antiquity, the religious text at the same time the legal text, that is, the religious norms would be the same legal norms. However, the Constitution is only the basis of other legal imperatives. Then we have the laws passed by the Congress of the Republic, legislative decrees, emergency decrees, supreme decrees, ordinances, municipal regulations, etc. Legal norms are codes of conduct which, in the event of non-compliance, are sanctioned by the State through the laws provided for in constitutions, codes or regulations, which must be complied with by force. Legal norms and social norms have in common that they are the result of society`s control over itself. However, they come from very different cases. On the one hand, legal persons form the legal framework of a company. On the other hand, moral norms are part of the cultural, religious or emotional tradition of society itself. It is very important to know the legal norms in general, because if everyone knew them, the world would be much better, and we would be better, the children, the best parents. Moral norms are those derived from ethics and morality that refer to behaviors considered good or expected. Therefore, moral norms are those linked to values such as respect, honesty and justice, and discourage all behaviors that threaten harmony and social peace.

Normative standards or orders can affect many species, depending on the authority they issue or the habitat they seek to regulate or control. Thus, it can also be said that legal norms have three essential characteristics that distinguish them from others, such as: Most norms come from four main sources: a political order and regulations that the state wants to impose, a sum of religious sources, a set of moral principles that the community adopts, and a spontaneous social generation of norms, who aspire to good coexistence. From there can be the norms: Social norms are those that regulate people`s behavior on the basis of what has been agreed, which is the most positive, to guarantee harmony within a group or society.

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